To create a custom query filter for the Elementor Pro Post widget to display posts published in the last 15 days, you can follow these steps:

  1. Edit the page or template where you want to display the posts using Elementor Pro.
  2. Drag and drop the Post widget onto the page.
  3. In the Content tab of the Post widget settings, under Query, select Custom Query.
  4. In the Custom Query section, click on Edit Query.
  5. In the Query Builder popup, click on the Add Filter button.
  6. Select “Date” from the Filter dropdown.
  7. Set the “Date” filter to “Greater than or equal to”.
  8. In the “Value” field, enter “15 days ago”.
  9. Click the Apply button to save the filter.
  10. Click the Update button to save the changes to the Post widget.

With these steps, the Post widget will display posts that were published in the last 15 days based on the custom query filter.

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